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Rotating Electric Killer Fly Trap
Rotating Electric Killer Fly Trap
Rotating Electric Killer Fly Trap
Rotating Electric Killer Fly Trap
Rotating Electric Killer Fly Trap
Product image 1Rotating Electric Killer Fly Trap
Product image 2Rotating Electric Killer Fly Trap
Product image 3Rotating Electric Killer Fly Trap
Product image 4Rotating Electric Killer Fly Trap
Product image 5Rotating Electric Killer Fly Trap

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Rotating Electric Killer Fly Trap

Flies are annoying!

There's nothing worse than pesky flies when you're trying to enjoy your patio, pool, or deck! Sometimes, a gang of flies can gather in your home when your doors or windows are left open for too long without a screen!

Killing flies by physical means (hitting) can be disgusting and ineffective while chemical means can be harmful to human.

The best solution? Our 21st Century Rotating Electric Killer Fly Trap!

This unique fly trap lures houseflies and other bugs like fruit flies, mosquitoes, and then, scoops them up!

The 21st Century Rotating Electric Killer Fly Trap is non-toxic. It does not use any chemicals and it is safe for your family members and pets. Powered by USB, you can take the device anywhere with you.

Simply turn on the machine and flies will be magically lured intrapped, swept into the anti-escape chamber and then killed. It's safe and clean.

  21st Century Rotating Electric Fly Killer Trap can be used in:

  • Outdoor Patio Area
  • Outdoor Dining
  • Garages
  • Any Area with Fly Infestations


  • EFFICIENT TRAPPING: Food left on the food trap lures in the flies. As the rotating plate turns, the trapped flies are quickly swept into the anti-escape chamber. Can be used for repelling fly, mosquito, insect, pest, etc.
  • CHEMICAL & ODOR-FREE: This fly zapper is quiet and environmental-friendly. No light pollution and a peculiar smell. No need to spray chemical repellent and other liquids. It creates a comfortable and healthy environment for you.
  • SAFE FLY TRAP: The fly zapper is made of a high-quality plastic material. Anti-shock and crush resistant, it won't break easily. It's non-toxic and safe. Portable and can be placed almost anywhere.
  • EASY TO CLEAN & USE: Using an ergonomic design that allows easy clean and reuse. It also allows you to remove the fly trap box and clean. No hassle or mess.

      Package Include:

      • 1 x  Rotating Electric Killer Fly Trap

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