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Heated Ice Scraper
Heated Ice Scraper
Heated Ice Scraper
Heated Ice Scraper
Heated Ice Scraper
Heated Ice Scraper
Heated Ice Scraper
Product image 1Heated Ice Scraper
Product image 2Heated Ice Scraper
Product image 3Heated Ice Scraper
Product image 4Heated Ice Scraper
Product image 5Heated Ice Scraper
Product image 6Heated Ice Scraper
Product image 7Heated Ice Scraper

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There is nothing worse than waking up and getting ready to start the day, only to find a thick layer of ice covering your your whole car!

Our Heated Ice Scraper will save so much time in the morning and have your windshield clear before your car even heats up to defrost. It easily plugs into the power outlet in the console and the long cord can reach all areas of your car.

The 12 Volt Cigarette Lighter Socket Powered Vehicle Car Auto Ice Scraper has a built-in heating element that melts snow and breaks up ice quicker than a regular ice scraper that does not have any heat to assist scraping ice from you auto windshields and windows.

  • It also includes rubber wiper blade squeegee to wipe glass cleaner.
  • Great gift idea and winter must have awesome product for those that experience lot of snow and freezing, like friends, colleagues or family members!
  • The 12-volt powered cord is 15 ft cord and plugs into the lighter and it reaches all cars windows.


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