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Inflatable Temperature Scanner Disinfection Chamber

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Inflatable Temperature Scanner Disinfection Chamber

If you have a retail business with walk-in customers, consider installing a Mobile Inflatable Disinfection Chamber with contactless thermometer and atomized sprayer.

Placed before the entrance door, a customer has to walk through the chamber before he can enter your store.

As he walks through the chamber, his body temperature is checked. 

If he has a fever, the red light will turn on and the store is alerted. (For safety purposes, he should not be allowed to enter your store.)

If the customer's temperature is normal, the light will turn green, and he can proceed to the disinfection chamber, where will be sprayed with disinfectant for 15 seconds.

After sterilization, he leaves the chamber clean and sanitized.

In the last 2 months, various types of disinfection chambers have been installed in airports, shopping centers, exhibition halls and theme parks around the world - in anticipation of the reopening of businesses after the lockdowns.

An inflatable disinfection chamber has many advantages:

  1. Lightweight
  2. Mobile
  3. Can be stored easily
  4. Does not rust
  5. Can be used indoor and outdoor


Disinfection chamber size        67" x 78" x 95"
Thermometer chamber size        67" x 39" x 95"
Inflator motor        600 W
Thermometer power        1 W
Disinfection tunnel        24 kg
Door size        51" x 87"
Fogging power        60 W
Inflator weight        1 kg
Temperature measurement tunnel        15 kg



Production: 7 days (custom-made on demand, depending on quantity)

Delivery to nearest airport: 7-10 days via FedEX/DHL/UPS

Warranty: 12 months


This product is built only when you place the order. Hence, once you order and pay, there is no cancellation after 24 hours. Please ensure that this is what you want before you place the order.

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